Ulduar, Dual Spec, and Swimming Mounts


Ah 3.1. I didnt get to experience it much on Tuesday, due to the random world crashes, and Wednesday I spent out and about in the real world. Yesterday I got to really spend some time enjoying the new patch, and I think it was well worth the wait and the Tuesday hassle!

First off, Dual Spec. Oh so wonderful for us hybrid classes. I find myself switching back and forth from resto to elemental more than I ever imagined. Group looking for a dps? No problem, gimme 5 seconds and I’ll be there! I was doing the elemental thing in Halls of Lightning yesterday, and our healer started having internet problems. Had the group pick up another dps, and I finished out the instance comfortably back in my resto spec.

One of the little perks from this patch, and possibly one of the greatest things ever, is the fact that land mounts now swim. Thank you Blizzard! There aren’t many things in this game that really irritate me, but having to remount after unsuccessfully jumping a 5 foot wide river was terrible. Even more so if you were running through hostile mobs and were in combat. Being able to just GO is really one of my favorite things about this patch.

I’m pretty excited to experience some of the new raid content. My guild is doing its weekly Obsidian Sanctum run tonight as we normally do, still getting used to the encounter with one drake up. Hopefully soon we’ll have that down and we can add a second. If we have control of Wintergrasp when we finish, we’ll be hitting Archavon’s new friend, Emalon. Saturday night, we’ll be taking our first steps into Ulduar, and I’m counting on us downing Flame Leviathan.

The one gripe I have about this patch is with my current favorite profession.. Inscription. Now, I love the profession, I enjoy doing my research every day, I like herbalism. But I have a problem with the way they introduced the new recipes in this patch. I remember before Wrath came out, I was listening to Blizzcast Episode 4 and they were interviewing game designer Jon LeCraft about professions in WotLK. Of particular interest is this excerpt:

Drysc: Sounds cool. Jewelcrafting, new in Burning Crusade. Very useful. I think there were some issues with recipe acquisition from reputation vendors, stuff like that, pretty minor I believe. But how did that work out in your eyes, and again what are Jewelcrafters going to be looking forward to?

Jon LeCraft: Well I think to some degree it worked out pretty well, because if you go and look on the Auction House the price of cut gems are more valuable than raw gems. Which is not the case in a lot of the other parts of professions. Where you’ll see the materials are actually the most expensive part, especially when they’re used by multiple professions. We like how that worked out but it still has that level of frustration where you can’t go farm for any of these drops. The reputations are actually really good, it gives you a goal. You have a way to get it, but a world drop you don’t have any control over. So we’re going to be easing off the world drops, I’m not sure about getting rid of them entirely but moving on to other systems. One of the system we’re considering as well is – so you have profession dailies for all of your professions, and what those end up being I’m not sure, but then when you do that daily you get a token. Then on this vendor there’s maybe 20 recipes, and they cost [maybe] 25 tokens each. So you’ll start making decisions on how you want to spend those tokens and that will help differentiate you from everyone else just by your decisions rather than what you happened to have found or bought off the Auction House.

 Ok, so what happened? The new patch came out and introduced new inscription recipes which can only be learned from a Book of Glyph Mastery, which is a random world drop. On top of that, each book has a random chance to learn any of the new glyphs. Blizzard.. didn’t you learn your lesson on the Random-Random drops from the Love Is In The Air debacle? Why cant inscription have daily quests like just about every other profession?

Ok.. im done ranting. But seriously Blizzard.. think about what you’re doing to us humble scribes.


~ by totintotems on April 17, 2009.

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