3.1 Goes Live.. kinda.

Yesterday was an interesting day for a large portion of the US realms. The extended maintenance ended up being even more extended, lasting until about 8pm PST.

I logged on last night once the servers were back up to find that Northrend was repeatedly crashing. It was vaguely reminiscent of when Wrath first came out, and Wintergrasp victories were crashing Northrend. It was happening so frequently though, that I decided to call it a night (after respeccing of course). Obviously, the first thing I did for my shaman was to purchase the dual spec ability. Restoration/Elemental is what I decided on, since it will be the easiest to use without the Gear Manager tool.

This morning, Blizzard brought the servers down again, for a short two hour maintenance, presumably to fix the issues plaguing the realms.

In other news, Wowhead has released a new version of their popular Talent Calculator. This version really builds on the utility of the tool, adding support for glyphs and updating automatically (no more “Link to this build”).
You can read the official announcement from Wowhead here. Below is a small excerpt:

  • Glyphs: Our talent calculator now supports glyphs! Of special note: we used the glyph calculator for a while in beta and discovered that, while pretty, the normal glyph icons are frequently hard to identify at a glance—so we tweaked the glyphs to actually use the icon of the modified spell, rather than the glyph icon itself. Much easier to use!
  • Automatic Updating: No more “link” button! The URL of the Talent and Pet Calculators now automatically updates whenever you add or remove a point—all you have to do is copy/paste the URL, and you’re there!

They also updated the item comparison tool, to add support for gems.


~ by totintotems on April 15, 2009.

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