Elemental Weapons vs. Everything Else!

Ok, so patch 3.1 is officially out today, and the shaman class has recieved some much needed adjustments, specifically to the resto tree.

  • Mana Spring Totem – no longer stacks with Paladin Blessing of Wisdom. When this change was first made, I was a little irked, but upon closer inspection, I have decided that this change might end up being ok. In current content with decent gear, there is really not a danger of going OOM. Now, we don’t have to worry about ALWAYS using Mana Spring, which frees us up to use Healing Stream more. With the changes to the Restorative Totems talent, this is pretty nice indeed. Some have argued that it is largely situational, but I think everything in healing is highly situational.
  • Ancestral Awakening – Amount healed on secondary target is now based of your ineffective rather than effective healing. This is fantastic! Ineffective healing means your heal+overheal. Basically this just buffs this talent to make it more viable, especially in situations like Patchwerk where a lot of your heals end up overhealing.

Aside from those, the rest of the changes are mostly moved talents. Here is a typical template for setting up your resto talents after the patch. I left 5 talent points unchosen. The 5 remaining points are mostly preference in my opinion, and depend on your current gear level and play style.

The debate about the Elemental Weapons talent has been a hot one for resto theorycrafters. For the most part, it has been regarded as a waste of points for most players. It only awards an extra 45 spellpower – which doesn’t seem like much for 3 points. Compare to Nature’s Blessing. At lvl 80 in epics from Naxx and Heroics, 1000 intellect is not an unreasonable figure. At that gear level, Nature’s Blessing awards 150 spell power. Granted, it is a much deeper talent.

Now, let’s consider the alternatives.

Using Daidalos’ spreadsheet, with the default values, we can see that Healing Wave heals on average for about 8895. The amount goes up to 9440 with Elemental Weapons. However, with Healing Way, this average heal goes up to 10496.

There have been comments that Elemental Weapons might be nice to help out new resto shamans who are still at lower gear levels, but the benefit from Healing Way still blows it away in my opinion.

The last 2 points could either be spent in reducing your Reincarnation cooldown, or my personal choice, Blessing of the Eternals. 4% spell crit isn’t a ton, but we resto shamans love our crit for mana regen! Also, an extra chance to apply Earthliving is kind of nice. Even though it surely won’t save someone from death, it never hurts to have some extra mana-free heals right?

So, here is an example build using the remaining 5 points the way I plan to.

Given the changes to resto shamans… How would you build your character?


~ by totintotems on April 14, 2009.

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