You are now entering.. the blogosphere!

Hi everyone – Totintotems is my name and I like to heal =]

There are so many blogs out there for so many different classes and specs – but there seems to be a shortage of good resto shaman blogs. Aside from my favorites (ShieldsUp!, World of Matticus), there are a few others, but they don’t seem to be updated regularly.

My goal with this blog is not to replace the great blogs out there, but perhaps to supplement them, to supply my own views on common resto shaman topics. I will be exploring resto shaman theorycrafting, attempting to explain to the average player the reasons behind the theories. I will also go into my own experiences as a resto shaman just starting to raid in Wrath. When new patches are in the works, I will discuss what the coming changes could mean to the shaman class, and what you might want to do to prepare. And, of course, I hope to entertain!

As an aside, this will be my first attempt at posting more than 140 characters on a regular basis, so any constructive feedback will be appreciated!

Thanks for reading,

Coming up: Elemental Weapons vs. Everything Else!


~ by totintotems on April 8, 2009.

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